Hailing from Southern Ohio. The band plays a limited number of shows by choice. Making each event "something special" for the members and the fans alike. 
Bluesy Hard Rock with a hint of Metal, the Power Trio that is MG Flash have songs filled with often humorous lyrics, hooks, and a catchy chorus that combine to form a signature style and a great live experience. The crowd is considered a fourth member of the group. Great songs and engaging interaction with the audience has helped MG Flash garner a great fan base and allows them to win the hearts and souls of new listeners with a wide range of tastes at every concert. 
Ryan Coyer (Guitar/Vocals) Paul Remy (Bass) and Karl Davis (Drums) started the band in 2012 agreeing on a few simple tenets to follow: 1. No genre is off limits 2. Play what they love 3. Have a great time. 
This simple formula has enabled the band to develop their own distinct brand of music .
Releasing their self titled debut in 2014, The band started a swell of support that continues to grow to this day. Releasing the follow up album "The Road" in 2017 with many great shows on the schedule, MG Flash continues to gain momentum while sticking to those simple terms agreed on at its inception.